21K Gold Rate In Pakistan Today



21k gold rates on ••••••, listed by purities:

  • 21k gold rate per Tola: Rs. ••••••
  • 21k gold rate per 10 Gram: Rs. ••••••
  • 21k gold rate per Gram: Rs. ••••••
  • 21k gold rate per ounce (international unit): Rs. ••••••
21k gold rate

Historical Price Chart For 21k Gold Rate

How Is the 21K Gold Rate In Pakistan Determined?

The 21K gold rate is dependent on several factors, including the supply and demand for gold, the cost of production, the quality of the gold, and economic and political conditions.

Supply &  Demand

The supply and demand for gold are key factors in evaluating its price. If there is a high demand for 21-karat gold, the price can also go higher. On the other hand, if there is an excessive amount of 21k gold or a low demand for it, the price can become lower.

Production Cost

When it comes to 21k gold, the cost of production is also a great factor in determining the price. The cost of mining and refining are some factors that affect the price. The price of fabricating gold into various products like jewelry, coins, medals, etc can also add to the overall price.


The quality of the gold is also important in determining its price. Measurement of gold is typically in Karat, with higher karat values indicating a higher purity of gold. 21K gold is less pure than 22K gold and 24K gold, so it is normally less expensive than them.

Finally, economic and political conditions can also impact the price of 21k gold. For example, during times of economic instability or political unrest, investors may turn to gold as a safe haven asset, which can drive up its price.

Properties Of 21K Gold

Here are some properties of 21-karat gold:


21-karat gold is an alloy that contains 84.6% pure gold and 15.4% other metals which makes it less pure than 24-karat gold.


The color of 21-karat is yellow due to the presence of gold, but the color is a bit different from that of higher-karat gold due to the presence of other metals.


21-karat gold is more durable and resistant to scratching and other damage than higher-purity gold due to the presence of other metals in the alloy.


The 21k gold price is generally less than higher-purity gold as it has a lesser amount of pure gold.


The making of jewelry and decorative objects often uses 21k gold due to its attractive yellow color and relatively high gold content. It is also sometimes used in the production of coins and other financial instruments.

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